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During the month of November, it’s hard to browse social media without seeing the “What I am thankful for” posts. While it’s nice to see such positivity being shared, I tend to tune them out by mid-November. It’s not that I don’t appreciate my friends’ good fortune, I just tire of the monotony. Yes, I did it one year, but only once. This year I decided to do something new and try to do something for others as many days in December no matter how small the gesture. My hope is that doing for others will put me in the holiday spirit. I am challenging myself continue to add all month long!

Dec. 1 handfull of change in the red kettle at Hobby Lobby

Dec. 3 After seeing a post on facebook that the Salvation Army Angel Tree still had lots of angels still unclaimed, I decided to head to Greentree Mall and choose one. Seeing the number of teens still on the table, I chose a 14 year old girl whose favorite color was blue. I spent a couple of hours choosing clothes and two books for her. I truly hope she enjoys the gifts, because I enjoyed choosing them for her.

Dec. 4 more change in the red kettle at Kroger

Dec. 5 returned the Angel Tree gifts to the drop off point and had a really nice conversation with the volunteers along with more change in the kettle

Dec. 6 shopped online for Christmas gifts

Dec. 9 ordered a special thank you/slash Christmas gift for someone very deserving

Dec. 12 gave candy to my middle school class (if you know middle schoolers you know how happy this made them)

Dec. 13 dropped more change in the red kettle at Kroger

Dec. 16 listed to someone who was very upset/sad and just needed someone to talk to

Dec. 17 brought in donuts for my third period class to eat while they took their finals

Dec. 18 finished up the shopping for our newspaper and yearbook staff party

Dec. 19 donated to Clarksville Cares to help kids and families in the community where I work

Dec. 22 helped a stranger pick out a gift for her teenage niece

Dec. 23 finished my own Christmas shopping!!

Dec. 26 made sure to hold the door for all of the people at the mall with bags and boxes in their hands

I think I did pretty well not getting caught up in the commercialness of Christmas and trying to focus on people. I am proud that I held myself accountable. While I know I could have done more, sometimes it’s the small gestures that people notice most. ¬†Happy Holidays friends.

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