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Month: November 2012

instagram ?>


I love instagram. For those not familiar with instagram, it’s a photoblog where people just post photos and can add captions or brief comments. Once the photo in imported into instagram, the photo can be edited to add special effects called filters. The photographic idea behind instagram is similar to a cheap medium format camera like a Holga or Diana. Like other social networking sites, people can follow other people to see their photos. Photo buffs can check out the…

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pity party…table for 1 ?>

pity party…table for 1

This November I am participating in the month-long facebook postings of what I am thankful for this month. It’s been pretty easy until today. Today is the first day in which I have had to really think of something to post. My day started off well, a college friend of mine spoke to my class this morning. That would not seem so unusual until I mention that this friend works in Washington DC and visited my class via skype. It’s…

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a month of giving thanks… ?>

a month of giving thanks…

Over the last few years, November has become the month for giving thanks via social networking. On facebook, many members are posting each day mentioning one thing for which they are thankful. This year I decided to participate so I will post daily on facebook and I will post my entire month’s worth of entries here, as well. Going to be a follower and spend November appreciating what I have. Day 1 I am thankful to be safe from Sandy…

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most difficult question part III ?>

most difficult question part III

The last segment of my favorite musical group list covers my current list. While I still listen to the groups on the previous two lists, the final list is more contemporary. This time there are only three entries on my list and surprisingly this was the easiest of the three lists to make. I think it was easier because nostalgia didn’t get in the way. The first list from my youth was harder to put into order and I found…

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