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Month: April 2013

more dailies… ?>

more dailies…

I have had a friend or two ask why I post my daily outfit. I have two reasons. The first reason is purely selfish. By posting my daily wardrobe, I have a visual archive of past combinations and a record of what worked and what fell short. The second reason is for a friend of mine who has trouble mixing and matching the pieces in her wardrobe. She uses my photos as a guide to change up her daily look….

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time sure does fly… ?>

time sure does fly…

Time flies when you’re having fun is an often repeated adage, but does it really? In my experience, time flies no matter you mood or condition. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s almost Derby day. The winter passed quickly, and luckily for us, mildly. The days may have been gray and cold, but they were not snow-filled and icy. I have still making good on my efforts to try new things. I have gone to new restaurants, tried new food…

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