all about the music… ?>

all about the music…

ab9f184202f99ae47fa43b30329a28d9 This has been my mantra for the last month or so. In fact, it’s been the consistent thread running through my life. I first realized it on a plane at 35,000 over the mid-Atlantic states. The hum of the engine, an entire row to myself and my iPod. I only put my “gotta hear” songs on the tiny device. Somewhere half way to Baltimore REM’s “Nightswimming” came on, something about the peace and quiet mixed with the rolling piano riff and I was lost. At that moment, my pervading thought was ” why can’t I find someone who loves this song as much as me and gets it, truly gets it?” Then, the profound sadness lasted but a few minutes and gave way to a calm. A calm that confirmed I may never find that person, but when I do, it will be one great conversation.

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