Why, yes, I am the grammar police…. ?>

Why, yes, I am the grammar police….

Sometimes, I receive an email or read a post on social media and find myself cringing. It’s not that I find the post offensive, I just question why the sender didn’t take the time to proofread or edit the post. Whether or not you believe it, people do judge books by their covers. We have always been told that you only get one chance to make a first impression. What kind of first impression does poor grammar or bad writing make? Does it really matter in grand scheme of live? Yes and no. If you’re trying to get a job or establish a career, these things do matter. Would a potential employer be impressed? If the answer is no, then why make that post? Even with privacy settings, social media is just that — social. People not only forward, copy, plagiarize, retweet ┬ábut they discuss and analyze what gets their attention. You may be able to control your settings, but you cannot control others’ settings. Do you want some of your posts to follow you into your future? Perception is reality.

Think before you tweet people.

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