first impressions….Matt Nathanson “Last of the Great Pretenders” ?>

first impressions….Matt Nathanson “Last of the Great Pretenders”

Last of the Great Pretenders

One of my favorite artists released new music today. I made a special trip to Best Buy  to purchase the CD. I eagerly ripped off the plastic so I could play it. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to buy the entire CD of artists I really enjoy. If I don’t like a track or two, I don’t have to put them on my iPod. I, also, like the liner notes which you don’t get with a digital download.

I had heard the song “Mission Bells” on Nathanson’s website and he performed it on Jay Leno last week. If I had heard it on the radio, I would have known it was him. It is his signature sound. At first listen, my favorite songs are “Earthquake Weather,” “Mission Bells”, “Annie’s Always Waiting” and “Last Days of Summer in San Francisco”.  “Annie’s Always Waiting” is an up tempo song. It was catchy.

Sometimes the words draw me to a song and that’s the case with “Mission Bells”.  I’m the end of a Hitchcock movie, a little dark and a lot confusing.


I can’t wait to spend the last days of summer listening and forming relationships with the songs. Luckily, I will be seeing Nathanson live in October at his Louisville show at Headliners.

You can catch a preview of a a few tracks on

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