vacay hangover… ?>

vacay hangover…

Long time, no post. I spent the last 10 days in Arizona visiting family and friends. I love staying with my cousin. He is great cook, one heck of a decorator and he likes to shop. What’s not to like? In keeping with my summer pledge to try new things I spent two days in Sedona. My dear friend from college planned a quick trip so we piled in the minivan, all 5 of us. I enjoyed the drive to Sedona, I love desert landscapes. On the return trip to we stopped at a landmark called Montezuma’s Castle. It’s not really a castle, but a series of rooms built into the side of a cliff. The dwellings were built to protect the tribe from attack by animals or other tribes. During my 10 days there, I was able to take her 8 year old to see “Brave”. Let me tell you, that girl can put away the blue slushie. I bought a large for her, not really expecting her to finish it, but that cup was empty by the end of the movie!

Photo from the rest stop about 20 minutes into the road trip.Montezuma’s Castle

Random things I learned from this trip:

  • Singing “Call Me Maybe” at the top of your lungs in a gay bar is really fun!
  • It is liberating to drive down an interstate at 80 miles an hour listening to 80s songs on satellite radio.
  • True joy is seeing the look on a 6 year old’s face when she gets a balloon.
  • Somedays you just need a crown.
  • You really can be friends with your family, not just because they’re your family but because they’re good people.
  • When you see a friend after an extended period of time and it’s like no time has passed, that’s real friendship so hang on to it.

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  1. Singing “Call Me Maybe” at the top of your lungs anywhere is fun! Especially in large groups 🙂 lol

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