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Month: March 2013

the original playlist…. ?>

the original playlist….

I found an old shoebox under the bed in my guest room and it was full of cassette tapes. Not just any old tapes, but all of them were mix tapes. Ah mix tapes…the original playlist. Those tapes represent more than just a compilation of music. They are full of memories, they are historical documents. You made a tape for every mood and every occasion. There were the fun mix tapes  you played at parties or the slow jam mix tape…

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too much to do…too little time… ?>

too much to do…too little time…

The past 30 days has been spent reading, memorizing and re-learning information in order to take my comprehensive exams. My PhD program has three steps to completion: coursework, comprehensive exams and dissertation. I take my exams at the beginning of next week and every spare minute has been spent in preparation….except for that nasty weekend spent with the norovirus. I could study 24/7 for another 30 days and not feel like I am ready, but here it goes regardless. Despite…

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