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Month: July 2013

and so it began… ?>

and so it began…

My love affair with fashion began at an early age, before I even knew what love affairs were. While most little girls were playing house, I was playing Barbies. My cousins wanted Barbie to drive around in her pink corvette to her three-story dream house with the ever perfect, ever plastic Ken at her side. I would have none of that nonsense. I was much too occupied with changing Barbie’s outfit to ever worry about Ken.   I would spend…

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first impressions….Matt Nathanson “Last of the Great Pretenders” ?>

first impressions….Matt Nathanson “Last of the Great Pretenders”

One of my favorite artists released new music today. I made a special trip to Best Buy  to purchase the CD. I eagerly ripped off the plastic so I could play it. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to buy the entire CD of artists I really enjoy. If I don’t like a track or two, I don’t have to put them on my iPod. I, also, like the liner notes which you don’t get with a digital download….

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