My favorite lunch ?>

My favorite lunch

grilled cheese for my soul
The BBQ + Bacon Grilled Cheese and Tom + Chee

Everyone who really knows me, knows that my favorite comfort food is grilled cheese with optional tomato soup. Warm, melty cheese between two slices of toasted bread is the culmination of a childhood full of happy memories. Grilled cheese also represents good college memories for me. At least once a week, my sorority serves the iconic All American lunch. I rarely missed that day’s lunch.


Looking to try something new for lunch while trying to stay on my budget, I decided to venture to Bardstown Road to sample the new Tom + Chee restaurant. Tom + Chee is a Cincinnati staple serving mainly grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. One can deviate from the norm and try a salad or the soup of the day. With a plethora of grilled cheese options, I decided upon the BBQ + Bacon. It’s American cheese on white bread, but with a generous amount of real bacon pieces that were too large to really be called bacon bits and Grippos BBQ potato chips in the middle. Each piece of the puzzle worked together to make a spicy, yet sweet, creamy sandwich. The soup was made from tomatoes and tasted fresh and slightly acidic. After such a positive experience, I will definitely be going back.

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