February fogginess and March madness…. ?>

February fogginess and March madness….

February was a blur. Not because it’s the shortest month of the year, but because I spent the entire month fighting a virus much like pneumonia. This plague hit the first weekend in February and reared it’s ugly head when I landed from a flight back to Louisville. I was unable to breathe after landing and went to immediate care the next morning. I had a bad feeling about the doctor when he wanted to assume I had the flu even though I was not presenting flu symptoms. I guilted him into a chest x-ray, where we said there was an abnormality yet only treated me for the cough symptoms. I felt no better three days later, but went back to work. February was a month of long days. bouts of coughing and sleeping whenever I could. Mid-February my doctor received the chest x-ray file and emailed to ask how I was feeling. Feeling not much better she confirmed what I thought. I should have insisted on a second opinion or at least steroids to help heal my lungs more quickly. Lesson learned.

March is always one of my favorite months, not just because it’s my birth month but because the weather starts to warm up and the first signs of spring begin to show. March definitely came in like a lion. I spent the first week of March taking care of the school work I had let slide during the previous month. Between yearbook, newspaper, prom, theater program and honor society, I spent several days devoted to catching each item up to where it needed to be. Then grades on top of that.

This brings me to spring break, yet another reason to like March. So far, so good, looks like March is going to go out like a lamb. Thankfully.

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